Cuba Diving Experience

An ultimate island experience wouldn’t be complete without witnessing and discovering the depths of the ocean. The scuba diving industry has been a highlighted activity for every island exploration to satiate your thirst for a memorable and adventurous underwater experience. Cuba has a lot to offer in terms of the beauty of its nature’s underwater ecosystem, most especially, when diving deeper into its world-class diving destinations.

Maria La Gorda in Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve showcases an abundant marine life and extraordinarily beautiful vertical, and sometimes odd, coral formations. It is a must-experience diving destination where you can enjoy a crystal-clear underwater realm. The average underwater temperature is between 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Here, you also get to know about mysterious shipwrecks and a large variety of corals and caves.

For diving experience plus treasure hunting, traveling to Punta Frances is the best island to visit. It is claimed to be the Pirate Island of the Southwest coast region of Cuba. Punta Frances is an idyllic island, a hidden gem island off the coast that boasts fine white sands, turquoise water, and a spectacular seabed. It is famous for its colorful marine life species and coral reefs with numerous caves and underwater tunnels. 

Diving in Jardines de la Reina can be very exciting in two ways – reef diving and shark diving. It is an ultimate oceanic adventure with spectacular underwater scenery that attracts divers who seek something a bit more distinctive. Reef diving boasts a healthy garden of soft coral formations, sponges and sea fans that is very pristine. Therefore, it is hailed as the Gardens of the Queen.

What makes Jardines de la Reina unique is the thrilling shark diving experience that it offers. As you dive into the depths, there will be sharks circling above and below you at one time such as the Caribbean reef sharks and silky sharks. Because these waters have been protected for a long time, the sharks are not afraid of divers anymore; instead, they often approach divers out of curiosity rather than the basic instinct of their defense mechanism. Overall, it is a tropical island that makes diving possible all year round.

Here’s a trivia: the Bay of Pigs was a failed military invasion by the US-backed army in1961. As present, it is a destination that is increasing in popularity for tourists for its natural beauty, birding, and diverse wildlife, and a place where excellent diving and snorkeling can be done from the shore. Diving in the Bay of Pigs amongst the electric bluefish and the corals is truly a mesmerizing and spectacular experience.

Both expert and beginner divers will consider Jardines del Rey’s diving spot an excellent one. Located on the northern coast of Cuba, Jardines del Rey is also known as ‘Gardens of the King’, which consists of several tiny islands with reefs that are stretched for about 32km long with an average depth of 10-30 meters deep.

With its clear waters and abundant and diverse marine life and colorful coral species, divers think that they are diving in an aquarium setting. One of its islands is Cayo Coco, which is the fourth largest island of the Cuban region. A perfectly preserved 10-kilometer-long coral reef and a chance for marine life interactions – such as yellowtail snappers, groupers, and 2-meter long sharks – live underwater.

With stunningly beautiful coral reefs, diverse and abundant marine life, and world-class shark diving, Cuba is no doubt one of the best Caribbean diving destinations. 
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