Cuban Chinatown Curiosities

Did you know that Havana has its own Chinatown?
This shouldn’t surprise us since it is well known that the oriental migration is big in different cities around the world: the famous Chinatowns in San Francisco and New York in the USA and some not so well known as the Chinatown in the Dom. Rep. Havana is also one of these cities with the oriental culture, offering tons of curiosities you didn’t know about.

The Cuban Chinatown is a well-known zone of central Havana. It is one of the oldest Chinatowns in Latin America and was considered the second most important after San Francisco’s Chinatown back in the day.
Havanas Chinese population is approximately 10,000 in a 10 block area, but nowadays it’s difficult to see them all together. A curious fact is that the zone has its own cemetery, something not so common in Havana.

While walking down the Dragones street you can read the different street names, which are Cuban names, translated to the oriental language. Cuchillos street was the first street where the Chinese settled. The architecture has an Asian flair with bright red and yellow colors and different elements like dragons and murals showing China’s way of living.

One of the most famous installations is the martial arts school, with its yellow walls and cherished elements from the Chinese culture inside.
Explore the Cuban Chinatown, stroll through its streets and enjoy the cuisine in its dozens of restaurants!

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