5 Reasons to Explore Cuba on an E-Bike

Travellers are using e-bikes on excursions and tours more and more. Cuba, too, has caught on to this trend: E-bikes have become very popular in city tours and some other itineraries. Here are 5 reasons that make e-bike tours a much-loved option and why you will probably love them too!

Explore Cuba on an E-BikeExplore Cuba on an E-Bike

1. E-bikes make riding smoother.

Electric bikes have an electric motor integrated to add power to your pedalling when needed. This way you can ride up hills and over rough terrain without getting as tired. They feel like conventional bicycles, however less energy needs to be exerted, both on urban journeys and on routes along roads or mountain paths.

For that reason, Cuba Real Tours has created several tours and excursions for you to enjoy. Electric bicycles are ideal for a city tour of Havana, passing through areas such as Vedado, where there are frequent elevations. Likewise, getting to Cojimar, where Hemingway’s former home stands, is totally feasible with e-bikes as they make it easier to pedal longer distances.

2. A speedy ride… without missing the surroundings.

The harder you pedal, the greater the impulse and the faster you will reach your destination. But don’t worry, e-bikes are not motorcycles. The engine is adjusted to stop pushing you when you reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. You are able to control how much support you get from the bike. Most electric bikes come with a power switch that allows you to adjust the boost setting from “eco” (low) to “turbo” (high), in case you want a little boost, for example, to help you climb a steep hill.

With e-bikes you can gain speed, while still enjoying the scenery. So more than a mere means of transport, e-bikes allow you to optimize your time by taking advantage of every minute. Upon mounting the bike, experience Cuba… its streets, corners, nature, and cities. A good example is our 13-day tour of western and central Cuba, where you can enjoy the revolutionary relics, impressive valleys, and colonial cities. A tour that shows you Cuba more leisurely and, thanks to the e-bikes, feasible for any adult. 

3. They are environmentally friendly.

The energy used by the electric bicycles is supplied by a rechargeable battery. The electric bicycles used in Cuba Real Tours have a minimum range of 50 km and some go up to 80 km without having to recharge the battery; they are therefore considered a sustainable and ecological means of transport. If the battery can be charged using solar energy, the electric bicycles will become 100% ecological.

4. Get a workout while on vacation!

Vacations are a great excuse to gain weight. This can be avoided by burning calories, however during the holidays there is a (quite widespread) tendency to put exercise aside, with the promise of starting again once back home. Even though electric bikes do most of the work for you, they still give you a workout. The relative effort of cycling with electric bikes is much lower and burns fewer calories than with other exercises, but you’ll still burn something… up to 200 calories per hour, the equivalent of what you burn walking!

So, while you relax on your vacation in Cuba, it might be a good idea to take a couple of excursions on e-bikes, and stay in shape too.

5. It is impossible not to have fun while riding them.

It is impossible to not have that “kid in a toy store” feeling when you put your helmet on before throwing your leg over the saddle! The joy that riding a bicycle offers is wholly compatible with the essence of Cuba and its people. As you cycle through the streets of Havana watch as people smile at you and even greet you. On the e-bikes you will be much closer to the Cuban people and will definitely be accompanied by their joy, light-heartedness and enthusiasm.

CubaRealTours offers a variety of e-bike excursions and tours. The combination of Cuba’s unique spirit, our local expertise and our e-bikes make our trips a unique experience, worth living. Contact us if you are interested in one of our e-bike trips. Our travel experts will be happy to assist you!

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