Street food in Old Havana

The Old Havana’s streets have become a whisper of tourists, anxious to learn about the history and culture that it offers. As part of the culture, culinary culture could not be absent.
The Cuban gastronomy is very similar to its Caribbean neighbors: flavors and textures full of their native ancestors, Africans and Spaniards. Because of this we shouldn’t be surprised to find rice, stewed red or black beans, green salad, plantains, and stewed pork or beef meat, as part of their typical dish.

The Havana’s gastronomy is more than this and it is easy to find on its streets, offering great tasting food with great prices.

The Obispo Boulevard is a great place to eat Cuban street food. In this famous road of the Old Havana, you can find lovely local crafts, enjoy great live music and hear anecdotes from locals.

It is very common to observe on the streets the sale of drinks, to refresh the day. They are offered to the pedestrians, you can find from coconut water to crushed ice drinks and of course, the Cuban street food is also present.
On the sidewalk, in one of the houses of the zone you can also find “chicharritas de boniato” delicious fried sweet potato chips, crunchy and sweet treats to snack on the afternoons.

The “bolitas de malanga” is one of the typical dishes that are part of the Cuban dishes. You can also have them as an appetizer. This plate is made with a root vegetable named malanga or taro root. The final product is a mixture of chives, flour and taro, breaded in flour. Fried in a ball shape and eliminating the extra oil, it’s a great appetizer that should be eaten right away, when it is fresh to enjoy the texture and flavors.

If you are a meat lover, a “pan de lechón” is a dish you cannot miss. It’s just as its name indicates: roasted pork on bread. The pork or lechón is seasoned with onions, garlic and citric. It is a well-known dish and autochthonous, that outside of Cuba is known as Cuban sandwich.

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