Where to eat in Havana

When Fidel Castro’s brother Raoul took over the country in 2008, he allowed the gradual privatization of hotels and restaurants, forming today’s bed & breakfasts and paladar restaurants.

Consequently, you have two main eating choices: government restaurants and those operated by locals. While the menus tend to be very similar, you’ll find slightly better service at the latter.
What’s on the menu? A traditional dish that I personally loved is ropa vieja, which translated means “old clothes” and features stewed shredded beef with vegetables slow-cooked in a pressure cooker. Another popular offering to tourists is lobster. I had this twice and while portions were extremely generous both times I found the seafood to be overcooked and rubbery. Some restaurants might be a hit though!
For drinks, make sure to try Havana Club rum and Mojitos. The best drink makers tend to be tucked away and hidden.
Here are a couple of the most well-known restaurants:

Paladar Dona Carmela

My tour guide moonlighted as a night security officer at this not-so-secret celebrity spot. Beyoncé and Jay Z dined here (their picture hangs inside) and the menu focuses on traditional Cuban dishes like roast pork.

La Guarida

This is an incredible spot, located in a crumbling building in Centro Havana. From peeling paint to a grand central staircase you absolutely need to try a meal here, even if prices are slightly higher than elsewhere. The quirky interior, unique menu and incredible city views make this a must-try spot!

Casa 1830

This gorgeous restaurant has multiple dining rooms both indoor and outdoor and features the classic “steak or lobster” 3-course menu. At the end of the meal, we were treated to Romeo and Juliet cigars, which made for a fun souvenir!

La Fontana Havana

Come here for the local Cuban classics: beans, chorizo, pork chops and more and stay afterward to dance the night away. La Fontana Havana is known for its excellent drinks and live jazz, making for an unforgettable meal!

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